You wish to position yourself in a differentiating way in Nutrition-Health, with full legitimacy

To support you in the field of scientific research in Nutrition

Collection, compilation and critical analysis of scientific data

Elaboration of a bibliographic file to support decision-making.

Structuring a scientific approach

Search for key players, assistance in setting up your clinical or pre-clinical study protocol, etc.

Communication of results

Writing and submission of a scientific publication, participation in conferences, exhibitions….

Our core business: Nutrivalorization

From the collection of strategic data in Nutrition-Health to the development of new products or the production of scientifically validated communication materials.

Support you in your innovation approach in Nutrition

Strategic positioning studies

Scientific, regulatory and market lighting for a new Nutrition-Health business sector.

Nutritional audit of product ranges

Reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your range to better innovate in Nutrition-Health.

Development of new products

Realization of prototypes produced in the laboratory according to nutritional formulation specifications.

Communication support

Writing nutritional arguments for consumers, B to B professionals or medical/paramedical prescriber.

For 10 years at your side to support your R&D projects

More than a hundred clients supported

Our assets

Customized services designed to suit your needs

Each support offer is studied to meet your specific needs for an optimization of costs and intervention times as well as a greater relevance of intervention.

An operational vision of the projects

Support from A to Z from the collection of strategic data to be taken into account until a product development is put on the market accordingly.

A strategic and prospective look at Nutrition

Taking into account the global scientific, regulatory and market context for a forward-looking vision of Nutrition

NutriFizz is approved as a Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII) for the period 2018-2020

NutriFizz is approved as a Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII) for the period 2018-2020