From research to the consumer, many actors are involved in the field of Nutrition. But how can scientific data be translated into practical actions such as the development of new products or the creation of communication tools in Health and Nutrition?

How can Nutrition represent an added value?

It's in this context that we created NutriFizz in March 2010, the agency of advice and support specialized in Nutrition.

  •      Tailor-made services
  •      An operational vision of projects
  •      A strategic and prospective look in the field of Nutrition
Our business

Support professionals in order to add Nutrition value to their products and services

Support for professionals

Our strategic vision is based on a effective and real-time system for collecting scientific/regulatory/market information

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Nutrifizz will attend the 5th JPI conference 'A healthy diet for a healthy life'

The 5th JPI Healthy Diet Conference will be held in Brussels on February 20, 2019. The main theme will be Diet as leverage point towards a healthy and sustainable food system.

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) were la...

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