Toward the end of the plastics bottles ?

89 billion bottles of plastic water are sold every year in the world. Every second, it is more than 6 600 bottles of plastic drinks that are used in the United States. A real mountain of plastic.

In 2016, less than 7% of the plastic bottles bought were collected and transformed into new bottles according to the International Euromonitor report on the global trend of packagings published by the British daily newspaper The Guardian.
All this plastic waste even goes as far as creating a « 7th continent ».

With these alarming figures, we can see start-up that are developing new packagings, recyclable and edible at 100%. It is the case of the British company Skipping Rock Lab with its balls of water baptized « Ooho » or still of the French company Swala.

The water is encircled by an edible membrane created with seaweeds, and could contain until 4cL of water. We can make a hole in the membrane and collect the water or simply swallow the entire bubble, or remove the fine film, which can then serve as compost. It could be a solution during sports events where athletes hydrate themselves by catching plastic cups filled with water that end on the ground.
But the ball contains inconveniences because it is very had to transport it without damaging it or making it dirty.

It marks all the same a very beautiful advance and it can be the solution to reduce considerably the carbon footprint of bottles of plastic. 

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