What do French people eat every day? Anses' report

The national agency of sanitary safety of food has just published on Wednesday, July 12th, its third study on the food habits of French people.

The adults consume on average 2,9kg of food every day, that is approximatively 2 200kcal, among which 50% of drinks. Men eat generally more than women who favor yoghurts and fresh cheese, compote or poultry. On the other hand, men opt more easily for refine cereal products, meats, or delicatessen. 

The report amount in 4 points: 

  • Too much salt, nit enough fibers:

The contributions in sodium chloride are estimated at 9 grams a day (g/d) for men and 7 g/d for women. This is more than the nutritional objective of public health fixed by the National Program nutrition health (8 g/d for men and 6,5 g/d for women). In cause: bread, sandwiches or pizzas. 
On the contrary, the contribution in fibers contained in fruits and vegetables, legumes and the cereal products reach hardly 20 g/d for adults, far below the Anses' recommandations (30g/d). 

  • Proses of the food complements: 

The number of consumers of food complements (vitamins, minerals, plants) strongly increased, passing from 12% to 19% for children and from 20% to 29% for adults, between 2006-2007 and 2014-2015. 

  • New practices at risk: 

A more frequent overtaking of best-before dates, of too high temperatures in refrigerators (superior to 6C°), an increase if the consumption of raw animal protein which can be contaminated by bacteria, viruses or parasites. 

  • Social inequalities: 

French people having a level of study superior of equal to Fourth-year university level consume more fruits and twice fewer sodas than those who stopped before high school. They practice more physical activities and and are less often obese.

  • A "settle way of life"which progresses in an alarming way:

In fact, 80% of the adults are considered as home bodies, and 71% of the teenagers from 15 to 17 years old. For seven years, the daily time passed in front of a screen for leisured activities explodes: it increased by 20min for the children passing from 2:45 am to 3:05 am and of 1:20 am for the adult to 4:50 am. 

To know more, read the full report: 

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