Agricultural perspectives of the OECD and the FAO for 2017-2026

The food demand growth should slow down considerably during the studied duration. Mostly due to a decrease in the request in meat and in fish (in particular by Chinese people) and a cereal consumption that will remain unchanged.

The additional contributions of calories and proteins will result essentially from vegetable oil, from sugar and from dairy products. This growth in the vegetable production will cause the increase of the yields with an extension of the production of soya to answer the request of animal feed and vegetable oil.

The sector of the meat and the dairy products will know a growth of the production with an increase of the size of the herds and a bigger production per head.

The exports of foodstuffs should increase in the region of America as well as in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the net imports should increase in the other Asian countries and in Africa.

A chapter is specially dedicated to the Southeast Asian countries that knew a very dynamic economic activity. However, the production of palm oil and fish should slow down to give the priority to sustainable development.


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