The project of superior-quality wheat for a better nourishment.

The BléNNat project, certified by the pole of competitiveness Céréales Vallée, was selected as part of the third call for projects of the interministerial unique fund.

Due to an always more important demand of nutritionally good food for health, the BléNNat project was born. This one has for objective to develop natural nutritionally superior cereals, containing more fibres and having microelements in the wheat, than those on the market.

This project, supported by partners such as Grands Moulins de Paris, the R&D centre of Limagrain Céréales Ingredients or still VetAgroSUp, took place over three years.

Researchers decided to increase the content in magnesium in the wheat and the flours. Indeed, the magnesium is known to assure a good nervous and muscular balance.

The works came true in three stages:

First an increase of the wheat grain’s content in magnesium thanks to an improvement of the agronomic and technological quality of varieties that are already rich in it.

Then, tools to sort out the grain allowed them to detect the varieties that will give the richest flour in magnesium. Indeed, the grain of wheat contains a crisp layer « aleurone » very rich in magnesium. The more this layer is crisp, the more it gets loose from the sound and finds itself in the white flour.

To finish, an increase in the wheat grain’s resistant starch content which helps warn the diabetes and protect the colon.

Finally, a variety of wheat was validated and the health benefits of high-fibres flours thanks to the resistant starch were confirmed in vivo. The launch on the market of new varieties of wheat with stable agronomic and nutritional qualities could be envisaged in 5 years. Let us hope that in 5 years we find these flours and improved cereal.


More information on the Céréales Vallée website. 

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