The ingredient of the week: spirulina

Considered by the UNESCO as « the most complete and ideal food of tomorrow » and by the WHO as « the best food for the humanity in the 21th century », spirulina, which is consumed since millenniums in particular by Incas, knows a meteoric rise in Westerns countries.

Spirulina is a green-blue micro seaweed of a nutritionally ideal composition. It contains proteins, saturated fatty acids, trace elements and minerals and is a source of carotenoids, iron etc.
It has numerous virtues such as to fight acne, to stimulate the immune system, to have a better resistance in the effort but also to fight against malnutrition. Indeed, numerous NGOs and associations use it to this end in under developed countries.

It is marketed most of the time dehydrated in the form of powder or in tablets but we can find it in the form of filaments.

It can be consumed with a glass of water, fruit juices but can also be added to ready-made meal. You should not exceed a daily consumption furthermore of 6 grams a day, being able to pull side effects such as migraines or constipations. 

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