The acid-base equilibrium of the sportman influences on his performances.

Every sources of acidity, from food (or other), is not only bad for health but also ”the enemy” of the sportive.

One of the functions of alimentation for the sportive is to respect the acid-base equilibrium that influences on the performance, its recuperation and prevent wounds. 

Usually, the organism products lots of acid components, even asleep: ammoniac, cholesterol etc. The goal of our alimentation is to eliminate this acidity to purify the organism because it jeopardizes the oxygenation of cells, is a source of bone demineralisation, acute gouty arthritis, kidney stone etc. 

Physical activity is going to create an environment acid in muscles, blood, and the entire body, by tiredness and the lactic acid liberation… This acidity is present in the sportsman by tiredness, cramps, incomplete recuperation etc. It favours the apparition of inflammatory phenomenon’s, or sportive wounds like tendonitis.

On the contrary, alkali’s elements favour the cells oxygenation and the cells well functioning.

Favor the alkaline food:

  • All types of Vegetables 
  • Fresh fruits 
  • Certain animal protein (skim milk, eggs)
  • Water hyper mineralized in particular bicarbonate 

Avoid acidifying your body:

  • Avoid sodas, flavored waters, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks...
  • Favor the complete cereal products, rather than those too much refined.
  • Avoid the industrial ready-made meal, prefer the cooking "house". 
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