Food can restrict the cognitive decline

According to a recent study led by the University of Georgia, food or dietary supplements containing lutein and zeaxanthin can reinforce and improve elderly’s cognitive functioning.


Lutein and zeawanthin, better known as carotenoids, have beneficial effects for the elderly's vision and their cognitives functions. It is present in our food and in particular in yellow to red coloured fruits and vegetables such as egg yolk, corn or spinach.

As we get old, our brain knows a natural decline. That is why the study group of the University studied the effects of lutein and zeaxanthin on the cerebral activity of elderly. 

Participants between 65 and 86 years old had to memorize a series of random words and to be capable of remembering them later.

Results clearly show that participants with higher amount of lutein and zeaxanthin had to make less cerebral efforts to make their task than the one with lower amounts. That means that they better use their cognitive functions.

In short, the food habits modifications aimed to increase the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin can contribute to fight against the cognitive decline among seniors. 

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