Food in a hospital environment, CNA's 78th opinion.

The CNA (National Council of the Food) returned for the first time an opinion on the food in a hospital environment. Indeed we can notice an increase of cases of elderly ‘s under nutrition in a hospital environment for twenty years. It can entail serious consequences on the evolution of a disease.

The group of dialogue ended up with 32 recommendations intended for public authorities, economic players and for hospital staff. Among these we can find the reorganization of the services, the staff training and a bigger investment of public authorities. They have for objective to detect food as a vector of hospitality in the hospital and to recognize the patient as a citizen responsible for his food choices.

The opinion proposes 7 thematic index cards which are: « the patient, the user of the food in a hospital environment », « the actors of the food offer in a hospital environment », « the stages of the hospital food service », « the various fashions of management », « the structure of the cost of a meal », « the general data on the French health system », « history of the food at the hospital ».


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