Food waste and innovation: A startup that creates new again from old

Every year in France, 10 million tons of food are thrown away. This means that every year, every french person thrown away 29 kg of food, the equivalent of a meal per week (Source).

The World’s population is growing. The environment suffers every day more. Daily we hear talking about sustainability so, what can we really do to reduce food waste?

From this point of view, it is interesting to read the interview of the Expliceat founder, Franck Wallet (in link the complete interview: http://www.pour-nourrir-demain.fr/franck-wallet-expliceat).

Explicaet is a start-up that organises public workshops and professional courses with the goal of training individuals and industrial teams on the creation of new recipes using the food that would otherwise be wasted.

Their master project? The “Recettes Evadées“, about fifty recipes intended to limit wasted bread.

Why the bread? As Franck Wallet says in the interview, bread is the second most wasted product, but it is also a reference food of the French culture, daily consumed. For this reason, its valorisation is important.

Instead of throwing it away, the unsold bread can be turned in flour again and this ingredient is the basis of the “Recettes Evadées“.

So, if this model works with bread, why don’t apply it also to other foods?

It remains to be seen what the nutritional value of these ingredients is…

Article written by Giacomo Mana

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