According to ANSES, new allergens

Consumer habits are changing and new ingredients or foods are making their way into the market. Food allergies remain a concern of Public Health.

According to an ANSES opinion published mid-February, the reports received by the Allergo Vigilance® Network (RAV) have identified emerging allergens such as buckwheat, small ruminant milk (goat and ewe). ), kiwi, pine nut, α-galactose (present in mammalian meat), peas and lentils, avocado, etc.

These ingredients, which do not appear in Appendix II of the INCO Regulation, nevertheless present a risk of anaphylaxis, that is, serious allergic reactions that may exceed those of certain allergens mentioned in the Regulation.

ANSES therefore encourages a regular update  of the list of potential allergens so that these are clearly indicated on the food labeling, to prevent the risk of serious allergies.

For more information: Consult the ANSES opinion

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