ANIA: Publication of a guide to know everything about acrylamide

ANIAhas just created a new guide on acrylamide, fruit of collaborative work between federations, trade unions and companies.

This educational tool aims to help companies reduce acrylamide levels in finished products. At European level, acrylamide levels in foodstuffs have been monitored by the Member States since 2007 in the context of successive recommendations of the European Commission. The Commission clarified that the indicative levels of acrylamide foreseen in the Recommendation 2013/647 / EU are replaced by the reference levels presented in Regulation (EU) 2017/2158.

The guide is in the form of cards for all the products concerned including:

  • the process of forming acrylamide,
  • mitigation measures at each stage of the production line,
  • tools specific to manufacturing processes and product characteristics.

Source: ANIA. Acrylamide guide edition 2019

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