# Watch

(the sources of nutritional value)

Do you need to be at the cutting edge of Nutrition and innovate pro-actively within your market sector? Do you need a better understanding of the local competitive environment before setting up in France?

Would you like to get a bird’s eye view so that you can evaluate the potential and key points to optimize the nutritional value of an ingredient, a food product or a type of products aimed at a target group?

  • Systemic monitoring : scientific + regulatory + market information
  • Studying the scope of action

# Be aware

(nutrition optimisation criteria)

Would you like to understand the nutritional value of your products, identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competition and benefit from specific solutions to optimise wording and/or communication?

Do you want to run a clinical study to demonstrate an ingredient nutritional value or a product health benefits?

  • Nutritional diagnostics
  • Running (pre)-clinical studies

# Take action

(nutrition optimisation)

Would you like to enhance your R&D team with an external consultant who is a Nutrition specialist and innovator?

Do you need expert input in order to build a valid and relevant nutritional argument, identify prescriber’s latest goals or share the results of a scientific study? Would you like to adapt your argument to the specificities of the French market?

  • Innovation management
  • Communication support
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